Understand test results


It’s essential to understand the results after running tests. LISA has 7 kinds of test results in total: 3 of which are intermediate results, and 4 of which are final results, as explained in sections below. Each test case can and will be moved from one result to another but can never have two or more results at the same time.


Intermediate results

An intermediate result shows information of an unfinished test. It will show up when a test changes its state. If a test run terminates because of error or exception prior to running a test case, only the intermediate result will be provided.


    QUEUED tests are tests that are created, and planned to run (but have not started yet). They are pre-selected by extension/runbook criteria. You can check log to see which test cases are included by such criteria. They suggest that there are some tests waiting to be performed.

    QUEUED tests will try to match every created environment. They will move forward to ASSIGNED if they match any, and to SKIPPED if they match none of the environments.


    ASSIGNED tests are tests that are assigned to an environment, and will start to run, if applicable, once the environment is deployed/initialized. They suggest some environmental setting up is going on.

    ASSIGNED tests will end with FAILED if the environment fails to deploy. Otherwise, they move forward to RUNNING. They will also move backward to QUEUED if the environment is deployed and initialized successfully.


    RUNNING tests are tests that are in test procedure.

    RUNNING tests will end with one of the following final results.

Final results

A final result shows information of a terminated test. It provides more valuable information than the intermediate result. It only appears in the end of a successful test run.


    FAILED tests are tests that did not finish successfully and terminated because of failures like LISA exceptions or Assertion failure. You can use them to trace where the problem was and why the problem happened.


    PASSED tests are tests that passed, or at least partially passed, with a special PASSException that warns there are minor errors in the run but they do not affect the test result.


    SKIPPPED tests are tests that did not start and would no longer run. They suggest failure to meet some requirements in the environments involved with the test.


    ATTEMPTED tests are a special category of FAILED tests because of known issues, which are not likely to be fixed soon.