Install LISA on Windows

We will guide you through the installation of LISA on Windows.


On Windows, after you finished an installation, or made an environment variable change, you might need to restart your shell before moving to next step, to make sure your changes take effect.


Please run your command prompt or shell with elevated privilege (such as 'Run as Administrator' on Windows) when you see access denied message when install tools.

Install Python on Windows

LISA has been tested on Python 3.8 64 bits. The latest version of Python 3 is recommended. If you found LISA is not compatible with higher version Python, please file an issue.

Navigate to Python releases for Windows. Download and install Windows installer (64-bit) for Python 3.8 64-bits or higher version.


Please make sure the Python directory and its Scripts directory are added to your PATH environment variable. To check, type in console

echo $env:path

and if you see such two paths in the output, you are good. Otherwise please manually add these two paths.


If this is your first time installing Python, simply check “add Python to PATH” option in installation.

Install dependencies on Windows

Please install git on your computer to clone LISA source code from this repo and pip for later installation of Poetry.

In Windows, you need to install git, virtualenv(by running pip install virtualenv) and Visual C++ redistributive package

Clone code

git clone
cd lisa

Install Poetry on Windows

Poetry is used to manage Python dependencies of LISA.

Enter the PowerShell command prompt and then execute below commands:

(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing).Content | python -

# Add poetry.exe's path to your `PATH` environment variable.
$env:PATH += ";$env:APPDATA\Python\Scripts"

poetry install -E "azure libvirt"

Verify installation

lisa.cmd is provided in Windows to wrap Poetry for you to run LISA test.

With no argument specified, LISA will run some sample test cases with the default runbook (examples/runbook/hello_world.yml) on your local computer. In the root folder of LISA, you can run this command to verify your local LISA environment setup. This test will not modify your computer.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

If there’s any problem during the installation, please refer to FAQ and troubleshooting.