How to use LISA in WSL

If you are using WSL, installing Poetry on both Windows and WSL may cause both platforms’ versions of Poetry to be on your path, as Windows binaries are mapped into PATH of WSL. This means that the WSL poetry binary must appear in your PATH before the Windows version, otherwise this error will appear:

/usr/bin/env: ‘python\r’: No such file or directory

Many missing packages

Poetry is case sensitive, which means it differentiates directories like C:\abc and C:\ABC in Windows, although Windows in fact does not allow this (as a case insensitive system). When reading the path, please make sure there’s no case mismatch in the path. Then run poetry install again at the root folder (where your LISA source code is) to make sure all packages are correctly installed.

Error: Poetry could not find a pyproject.toml file

Poetry provides different packages according to the folder, and depends on the pyproject.toml file in the current folder. Make sure to run poetry in the root folder of LISA.

Error: (For Windows installation) Cannot open Scripts folder

The Shell interface tries to locate the Scripts folder inside python.exe.

Error line: Cannot open <Your local AppData dir>\Microsoft\WindowsAppsPythonSoftwareFoundation.Python.3.10_qbz5n2kfra8p0\python.exe\Scripts’

Reason: This could happen when you install the Python version via Microsoft store. Fix: uninstall the Microsoft Store version and install the standalone version from

Error: Poetry “The virtual environment seems to be broken”

Ensure that python3 --version returns python3.8 before trying to install poetry. If the command points to an older version of python3, you must uninstall then reinstall poetry after ensuring that virtualenv is installed with pip3 using python3.8.

Using VSCode

Cannot find Python Interpreter by Poetry

In the root folder of LISA, run the command below. It will return the path of the virtual environment that Poetry set up. Use that path to find the Python interpreter accordingly (in most cases open the path and look for \Scripts\python.exe).

poetry env info -p

VSCode Python extension no longer supports “python.pythonPath” in “setting.json”

Refer to DeprecatePythonPath for more information.


“We removed the “python.pythonPath” setting from your settings.json file as the setting is no longer used by the Python extension. You can get the path of your selected interpreter in the Python output channel.”

An alternative way is to simply select the Poetry Python interpreter as the default interpreter in the workspace, as in Cannot find Python Interpreter by Poetry

Other issues

Please check known issues or file a new issue if it doesn’t exist.