Command line reference

Common arguments

-r, –runbook

Specify the path of runbook. It can be an absolute path or a relative path. This parameter is required in every run other than run with -h.

lisa -r ./microsoft/runbook/azure.yml

-d, –debug

By default, the console will display INFO or higher level logs, but will not display DEBUG level logs. This option enables the console to output DEBUG level logs. Note the log file will not be affected by this setting and will always contain the DEBUG level messages.

lisa -d

-h, –help

Show help messages.

lisa -h

-v, –variable

Define one or more variables in the format of name:value, which will overwrite the value in the YAML file. It can support secret values in the format of s:name:value.

lisa -r ./microsoft/runbook/azure.yml -v location:westus2 -v "gallery_image:Canonical UbuntuServer 18.04-LTS Latest"


An optional command since it is the default operation. The following two lines perform the same operation.

lisa run -r ./microsoft/runbook/azure.yml
lisa -r ./microsoft/runbook/azure.yml


Check whether the specified YAML file and variables are valid.

lisa check -r ./microsoft/runbook/azure.yml


Output information of this run.

  • -t or --type specifies the information type. It supports case.

    lisa list -r ./microsoft/runbook/local.yml -v tier:0 -t case
  • With -a or --all, it will ignore test case selection, and display all test cases.

    lisa list -r ./microsoft/runbook/local.yml -v tier:0 -t case -a