Welcome to Linux Integration Services Automation (LISA)!

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Linux Integration Services Automation (LISA) is a Linux quality validation system, which consists of two parts:

  • A test framework to drive test execution.

  • A set of test suites to verify Linux kernel/distribution quality.

LISA was originally designed and implemented for Microsoft Azure and Windows HyperV platforms; now it can be used to validate Linux quality on any platforms if the proper orchestrator module implemented.


  • Scalable:Benefit from the appropriate abstractions, LISA can be used to test the quality of numerous Linux distributions without duplication of code implementation.

  • Customizable: The test suites created on top of LISA can be customized to support different quality validation needs.

  • Support multiple platforms: LISA is created with modular design, to support various of Linux platforms including Microsoft Azure, Windows HyperV, Linux bare metal, and other cloud based platforms.

  • End-to-end: LISA supports platform specific orchestrator to create and delete test environment automatically; it also provides flexibility to preserve environment for troubleshooting if test failed.

History and road map

The previous LISA called LISAv2, which is in master branch. The previous LISA can be used standalone or called from the current LISA. Learn more from how to run LISAv2 test cases.

LISA is in active developing, and a lot of exciting features are implementing. We’re listening your feedback.


The entire codebase is under MIT license.